Unboxing Experience!

 Shawn.Stay.Fitted Reviews unboxing a package from USA Cap King

We are glad to be part of the net of collectors that share their shopping experiences with us. We've been working really hard since the opening of our online store in providing the fastest delivery service. We chose UPS as our partner because it provides a very reliable service. They also insure all packages against damage and lost. It's a win win for customer, specially for those who are buying first time with us and may have some reservations regarding buying online. Every single step we make is done thinking in our customers. If you want to know more about our shipping process and policies, please check the FAQ page.

First we got our man from Shawn.Stay.Fitted Reviews, he got some great Indians New Era hats and like always, dropped his feedback on these gems. We carry all the must have classic fitted hats in our Side Patch Collection.  In another more recent video he copped a neat Tigers and Yankees icy bottom. Go check his channel and give it a follow! 

Then we have the guys from T&T TV, the've also made couple of unboxing from us. This time they copped a red Yankees icy bottom with a 99 World Series Patch. You can check our more recent icy bottoms from New Era in our Lifestyle Collection. 

As always, please go follow and like the content these guys are making. With their work they are elevating the NEW ERA Cap community and keeping us update on what's going on in the crazy market of fitted hats.